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 Homeopathic medicine for the temporary control and relief of involuntary urination in adults.


News flash! There are so many people affected by incontinence (involuntary urination).  Incontinence does not discriminate and affects people of all ages. For instance, women who participate in aerobics classes regularly may experience stress incontinence from the constant bouncing pressure on their bladders. This is a common problem, but the answer doesn't have to be diaper-like briefs. Hyland's EnurAid™ provides all-natural relief from the symptoms of adult incontinence - gently and safely.* In general, homeopathic products have no known drug interactions.

Indications: Homeopathic medicine for the temporary control and relief of involuntary urination in adults.

Medicinal Ingredients:

Belladonna 6X HPUS: for frequent and profuse urination with sensation of motion in bladder and continuous dripping

Cantharis 6X HPUS: for intolerable urging and burning pain, urine passes in drops

Apis Mellifica 6X HPUS: for frequent and involuntary urination; last drops burn and smart

Arnica Montana 6X HPUS: enhances muscular activity of the bladder

Allium Cepa 6X HPUS: for sensation of weakness in bladder and urethra, increased secretion of urine.

Rhus Aromatica 6X HPUS: for incontinence with constant dribbling

Equisetum Hyemale 6X HPUS: for feeling of fullness in bladder, frequent urging, incontinence

“HPUS” indicates the active ingredients are in the official Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Acacia Gum, Lactose N.F.


Do not use if imprinted cap band is broken or missing. Keep this and all medications out of reach of children.If symptoms persist for more than secen days or worsen, contact a health care practitioner. Discontinue use if symptoms are accompanied by a high fever ( greater than 101°F), or if blood is present in urine and contact a health care practitioner. 

Adults and Children 12 years and over: dissolve 2-3 tablets in mouth 4 times daily.

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