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Heart Warmers Fantastic Forest Friends 19×5


Absolutely fantastic Forest Friends  fabric 19×5 size 



Heart Warmers are bags of holistic healing that are hypoallergenic, reusable , soft cozy flannel fabrics and fragrant aroma of hot oatmeal when heated.

They can be used hot by heating in a microwave 1 to 2 min Shaking and enjoying or placed in a ziplock bag drop in your freezer and presto an ice pack that comforts.

Their impeccable reputation for providing heat or cold therapy sets them about the companies who have tried to copy our products. WE ARE NOW LABELED.

Heart Warmers are a registered business and are manufactured locally in Waterford.

We use only the best grains which are specially milled just for our purpose.

We use a filler that is safe for pets, does not grow mold like rice, or flax that hardens over time and can cause a fire, corn does not heat evenly and will cause burns. We are GLUTEN FREE

Our products are sealed for sterility and for sanitary reasons. Unlike the homemade ones your Nana used to make. And please don’t be fooled by a substitute ,so insist on a Heart Warmer ❤️ Heart Warmers is proudly labeled so that you know content and fibres. 

Our Fabrics are of the highest quality and we have lots of wonderful new colours available. We use only 100% pure quality flannel fabrics and threads. Heart Warmers is proudly identified with their label which shows you have purchased the best ♥️

Available in 19x5 or 9x9 size

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