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Ethiopia Dark Roast

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Dark Roasted Coffee

Our Ethiopian Dark roast coffee packs a bold but balanced flavour. It is coffee with a backbone. Thought to be the place where the Coffee been was discovered by Kaldi, a goat farmer, a couple hundred years ago, Ethiopia has the history to backup great coffees! The bold flavour of this cup of coffee will definitely satisfy the desires of your palate.  Flavours in this Coffee would be described as containing hints of caramel, red fruits, roasted marshmallow, and almond.  This is not your typical big brand "dark roast". Avoiding having a coffee that just tastes like burnt, we take this Coffee to its limit of retaining its flavour profile in order to respect and showcase the beauty of this carefully grown, harvested, and selected bean.  

Tasting notes: caramel, red fruits, roasted marshmallow, and almond

Association: Certified Organic

Country: Ethiopia

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