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Crystal Elixir Water Bottles 16 oz with Carry Straps

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Energize your drinking water with the power of crystals! 

There is no life without water!  What is the quality of the water you are drinking?  These gemstone water bottles  are the perfect way to both purify and charge your drinking water with a variety of crystals, chosen for their unique healing and energizing powers.  Gemstone water and crystal elixirs reinvented! 


*16 fl oz/500 ml crystal elixir water bottle opens at both ends for easy cleaning

*Dishwasher safe except metal brushed nickel base and lid with strap

*high quality 100% BPA free high borosilicate glass  

*all parts of this bottle are FDA & LFGB approved 

*can be used with any crystals of your choice that are safe to make elixirs with

*Convenient carry strap lets you “grab and go”

*Replacement “pods” available for $3.99

These crystal elixir water bottles are a beautiful work of craftsmanship that blend functionality and stunning style and make it easy for you to benefit from purified water charged with crystal energy everywhere you go! 

Science has proven that water picks up energy!   

Dr. Masaru Emoto did a number of experiments using negative and positive words and phrases and the effects they had on water molecules. Learn more on Dr. Emoto’s website HERE. These experiments showed human thoughts and intentions can physically alter the molecular structure of the water.  Specifically, after exposing the water to these messages and then freezing it, the water crystals were were given positive messages were perfectly formed.  The water crystals that were given negative messages became malformed! They were altered simply through conscious intention.  The same thing happens with crystal elixirs!  The healing properties of the crystals are infused into the water, cleansing and raising it’s vibration.  And yours!  

Science has proven that water becomes more alkaline and the oxygen content increases with gem water!

Tests showed that in just 7-10 minutes: “drinking water reaches a purity level otherwise found only in natural spring water”.  The gemstone water regains its naturally occurring, original energy and quality. In fact you can see the bubbles form in this water.  It is alive!  

Take Crystal Healing to a whole new level!  

Our crystal elixir Water Bottles are a beautiful work of craftsmanship that blend functionality and stunning style and make it easy for you to benefit from purified water charged with Mother Earth’s crystal energy everywhere you go.  

How to select your gemstone water bottle:

Choose your water bottles based on what you are attracted to, and trust your intuition! With gemstones, you generally receive what you need at the time.  Pick crystals for love, for focus and concentration, protection, for healing, for luck, for stress, for meditation, more!  The descriptions of each give you lots of information so you can trust your instincts  and select the one that is perfect for you.  

Pick your favourite stone by colour, healing properties, or chakra. Or choose one of our custom elixir bottles for LOVE & ABUNDANCE, HEALING & PROTECTION or SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT. And swap out your stones when you want a different vibration! 

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