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Crossing Brooklyn Ferry by Jennie Fields

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Escaping the narrow, wealthy life she led in Manhattan, Zoe Finney moves her family to a brownstone in working-class Park Slope, Brooklyn. A poor girl who has married into money, Zoe finds comfort and familiarity in the close-knit neighborhood. She hopes the change will reinvigorate her profoundly depressed husband and provide a happy place for Rose, her young daughter, to grow. Her arrival in the neighborhood alters the lives around her. The handsome schoolteacher next door, Keevan O'Connor, is deeply drawn to her, and despite Zoe's initial hesitation, they begin to fall in love. Rose is thrilled, recognizing in Keevan the warm, fun-loving father hers can never be. But others don't want this relationship to thrive: Keevan's unhappily married sister-in-law, Patty, who has secretly fallen in love with him; and Zoe's husband, who wakes from his depression to see his wife slipping away. Is it right for Zoe to turn from the man who's been her life for so long and start a new life with Keevan? But then again, how can two people so perfectly matched not spend their future together?

Published by HarperCollins in 1997

Genre: Fiction, 256 pages

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