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Brewed Biscuits Apple Cinnamon

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Apples can help keep a dog’s teeth clean and breath fresh. A tasty treat for those close-up kisses!

Available in convenient travel cup option that has treats in the bottom and poop bags on top…everything you need for those on the go outings!

Apple is a disease-fighting fruit that packs a nutritional punch, complete with dietary fiber and vitamins.   A tasty and healthy treat for our canine companions.

Our Spent Grain Apple Cinnamon biscuits are made using:

Locally grown and harvested orchard apples from The Cider Keg. 

Harmony Hives all-natural unpasteurized honey. 

Arnolds Eggs from the Simcoe Farmers Market. 

Upcycled Spent Grains

Spent grains are oats and barley that are a byproduct of beer making. During the brewing process the grains are “spent” or steeped to remove the sugars. What is left is a healthy, tasty, low-gluten, sugar-free byproduct that is approximately 20% protein and 70% fiber that is good for humans and pets!  

Ingredients: Spent Grains, Brown Rice Flour, Oat Flour, Apples, Honey, Eggs, Cinnamon

May contain trace amounts of nuts.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Calories 17 Cal/5g

Crude Fiber 2.13%

Fat 5.98%

Protein 12.18%

Moisture 8.71%

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